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In this section, you will find more information about Service Catalog.


The API Catalog is a feature of the StackSpot Platform. It allows you, as StackSpot's customer to make the APIs created available to internal developers and your partners.

When you use the API Catalog, you have full control of the access. You can make your own APIs available for others. This makes sure of a flexible and adaptable experience for users.

Check below other API Catalog features:

  • Compatibility with existing standards and technologies (OpenAPI, Swagger).

  • Integration with the StackSpot platform, using Stacks, Plugins, Starters, Actions, Portal, and STK CLI.

  • Your partners can consume the APIs through external access.

This makes it easier to share and integrate APIs. It helps collaboration and accelerates software development.

Check out the main actions available in the Catalog:

  • Publish and unpublish an API or a set of them.
  • Select API publishing environments.
  • Create an API through the StackSpot Platform.


Check below some concepts that are part of the API Catalog:


It is an attribute related to the environments defined in the Product and API entities. An Environment assists in filtering Products and APIs in the Catalog.


They are StackSpot's customer partner company. They work as a limited StackSpot account. Partners are connected to an existing account on the Platform.

You register a partner manually. After logging in, the Partner can invite other members to access StackSpot.


Members are people who can receive an invitation to access the API Catalog. The person receives the invitation through an e-mail and defines the password to log in. After that, explore the Products and APIs.

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