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About Workspace

In this section, you will find:

  • How to manage Workspaces.

Workspace is where you can use the content created in a Studio. It is a place to create and organize Applications and Shared Infrastructure in Accounts.

You manage the developers' workplace ensuring the infrastructure environment consistency according to context.

Workspace concepts

  • Account: A Workspace is in an Account. A company has only one account in StackSpot but with several Workspaces divided by projects. At one level, the Account context overlaps with the Workspaces context.
  • Environments: Pre-defined environments in the Account for Workspaces. It's the place to create Applications.
  • Context: The input variables for Plugins and Actions. You pre-filled them when setting up environments. This logic helps developers, they don't need to fill them again.
  • Content: All the pieces you create with StackSpot. It can be Stacks, Starters, Plugins, Actions, and Links.

See what you can do in a Workspace

Check the permissions to see if you can configure a Workspace.

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