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Personal Account

In this section, you will find an overview about the Personal Account.

The Personal account is Stackspot's individual account. You do not need to be a company to use the Website, the STK CLI and the available Stackspot features.

About the Personal Account

In your Personal Account, you can:

  • All content from your Studio in your account is public. That is, anyone on the platform can view Plugins, Stacks, and Studios. But, Workspaces, Applications, Shared Infrastructure, Runtime, and your AWS account information are private.

  • Insert Qualifier: It is available in Studios, Stacks, Plugins and Starter. You can add content from another Personal account by inserting it via a URL.

  • Your account is individual. You cannot add people (members) or create teams.

  • Personal accounts can only consume content from other accounts of the same account type. Also, an Enterprise account does not have access to the content of a Personal account and vice versa

  • There is no limit to creating content on the Personal account.

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