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Enterprise Account

In this section, you will find an overview about the Enterprise Account.

The Enterprise account is the Company's responsibility to manage and create. The Account Holder role is responsible to configure. Check below what the Account Holder can do:

  • Activate the account;
  • Set up SSO;
  • Integrate SCM;
  • Create teams and link members;
  • Manage roles and permissions of account members;
  • Create and manage Workspaces and Studios;
  • Define account-level contexts; and
  • Create environments.

Users who are team members are added to the account. They are not allowed to make any of the configurations mentioned before. However, this can change if the Account Holder changes the type of permission.

For more information about permissions, check the Roles and permission section.

Account members who do not have Account Holder or Admin permissions can only configure the following:

  • Platform appearance (change theme);
  • Access token;
  • SCM access.

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