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Version: v4.5.0

Use Tasks

What is a Task?

It is a custom command that complements STK CLI Core commands. A Task allows you to:

  • Perform operations in the context of your project or a Stack. For example: setting up a local environment, deploying or even running scripts. Tasks are available in Stacks and can be executed at any time.

Tasks are optional in a Stack. To use Tasks, just check at the Studios website, the Stacks that already have this feature.


Follow the steps below:

Step 1. Check out for available Tasks

Run the command below to check all the Tasks available in each Stack you imported:

stk list task

You can also apply filters to search on a specific Stack or search for a Task description/name:

  • Run the command below without < > to list Tasks from a specific Stack:
stk list task <TEXT-WITH-THE-STACK-NAME>
  • List Tasks by description or name:

Example: Search for Tasks with "python" in their description or name:

stk list task --filter python

If the text you searched contains spaces, use the parameter --filter with double quotes during your research:

stk list task --filter "libs de python"

Step 2. Use a Task

Choose the Tasks you want to use and run the command below without < >:


Next Steps

See more Actions feature in the Use an Action page.

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