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Version: v4.4.0

Use a Stackfile

What is a Stackfile?

Stackfile has a basic structure for you to use because it already has predefined Template specifications and a set of Plugins that you apply only when using the stk create app command. This means you can create projects that already have Plugins using this single command.


To use a Stackfile, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Check available Stackfiles

Check the available Stackfiles in the Stack you imported. Run the command:

stk list stackfile

Step 2. Use the Stackfile

Choose the Stackfile you want to use and execute the command:


Step 3. Confirm your project's creation

Run the command below to check if your project was created:


You can see the contents of the project folder you just created.

  • Optional: if you want to see the hierarchy of folders and files, run the command below:
tree -a

Next Steps

You can use Tasks in your project, for more details see the Use Tasks tutorial.

Read more

  • For more details about Stackfiles, check the Glossary.

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