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Version: v4.4.0

Import a Stack

What is a Stack?

It is the set of Templates, Plugins, and Stackfiles used to create a project. These Stacks are created by an organization and are available in the Studio's page.

For more information about Stacks, see the Glossary page.


Before creating a project, import a Stack via STK CLI, and add the Stack URL. Access the Studios website to see the available Stacks.

Set up your user in Git

After installing Git and STK CLI, configure a username and an email for your repository account. In the terminal, run the following command sequence:

Step 1. Set up your user name and email


git config --global "{username}"


git config --global "{email}"

Step 2. Check the configuration

Run the commands below:

git config --get


git config --get

If you get your Git repository username and email in the terminal, follow the steps below. If you have no response in the terminal or need to correct something, repeat [Step 1](#step-1-set-up-your-user-name- and-email).

Now, follow the steps below to import a Stack from a Studio:

1. Import a Stack

Run the command:

stk import stack <STACK-URL>

2. Check if you imported a Stack correctly

To check it, run the command below:

stk list stack

If the Stack's name was displayed after running the command, now you can use it to create your project.

Next steps

Now, you can create your project. For more information, check the Create a Project tutorial.

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