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Version: v4.4.0

Create a Project

What is a Template?

It is a model you apply to build your project. A Template is a variables set that, when filled, produces your project structure. These variables are programming language, build system, frameworks, packaging, and other structural components used to build a Stack.

A Template defines all the standard and basic capabilities of a Stack, it can be extended via Plugins.

For more information about Templates, check the Glossary.


Now, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Check the available Templates

Run the command below:

stk list template

Step 2. Create the project

Choose the Template you want to use, and run the command:


Step 3. Confirm if your project was created

Confirm your project was successfully created, run the command below:


You can see your project's content in the folder you just created.

  • Optional: if you want to see the hierarchy of folders and files, run the command below:
tree -a

Next steps

After creating your project from a Template, you can add more functionalities by applying Plugins. For more details, check the Apply a Plugin tutorial.

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