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Version: v4.4.0


To install the latest STK CLI version, download the installer and run it in your terminal.

Homologated Distributions

STK CLI works on the following Linux distributions:

  • Ubuntu 20.04
  • Ubuntu 18.04

There are no installation requirements for other versions, but STK CLI compatibility may not be complete.


At the moment, Amazon Linux distribution is not compatible with STK CLI.


Set up your Git user

After installing Git, configure the user and email address of your repository account. In the terminal, run the following commands:

Step 1. Set up your username and email address


git config --global "{username}"


git config --global "{email}"

Step 2. Check the configuration

Run the following commands:

git config --get


git config --get

If your Git repository account username and email address were displayed in the terminal, go to the Quickstart section. If there was an error, repeat [Step 1] to correct it.

Follow the steps below to install STK CLI:

Step 1. Download the STK CLI

Log in to login to StackSpot and go to the "Downloads" tab. Or go to download page if you are already authenticated.

Step 2. Go to the folder where the installation package is

In your terminal go to the folder. For stk.deb file, run the command:

sudo dpkg --install stk.deb

For stk.rpm file, run the command:

rpm -i stk.rpm

Step 3. Restart the terminal after installing

If the terminal is open, close it and open it again after installing it. It will help the stk command get recognized.


You must finish the terminal process before restarting it.

In the terminal, run the command:

stk –-version

If STK CLI activation didn't work, whenever you run a command in the terminal, you will receive an alert to activate the code. For more details about the activation code, check Step 1 again.

If everything is configured, the terminal returns the current STK CLI version number.

Step 4. Authenticate the STK CLI

To authenticate STK CLI, run the command below:

stk login

The command will ask for your account email, enter the email registered on the StackSpot Website. It is also possible to inform the email as a parameter:

stk login <>

A screen will open in your default browser for you to enter the username and password associated with the account. After validating the information and confirming the login, return to the STK CLI where your session will start.

Use a Docker image with the STK CLI installed

You can use a Docker image with the STK CLI installed. StackSpot offers two Linux versions on the following distributions:

  1. STK CLI Ubuntu
  2. STK CLI Debian

To use it, pull the image with the command found in the Docker Pull Command field in the repository of each image.

Next steps

Now you can start using STK CLI, check Quickstart section.

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