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Version: v4.5.0


Before installing

StackSpot Login

To access all the features available on StackSpot, you need to have an account and login to use STK CLI. To create your account, go to StackSpot Website or schedule a demo.

After creating the account, two ways to login will be available:

1. Community

Login via your GitHub email. You can access StackSpot Community, the platform's public version.

2. Enterprise

If your company has a StackSpot account, you can log in via Single Sign-On (SSO) using your corporate email.

It is also possible to log in via your company's CI/CD Pipeline.

  • If you have an Enterprise account, you can authenticate via the command line using the client key and client id. You can get this data on StackSpot's website.

If you need to switch to another organization's account via STK CLI, you don’t need to log in again with the current session active. Just end your current session with the stk logout command. Then, log in again with the stk login command informing the other organization's email.

After creating a StackSpot account, you can download STK CLI. To proceed with the installation, choose your operating system below and follow the installation steps:

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