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Version: v4.5.0

stk import stack


The stk import stack command adds a Stack to your project.

How does it work?

When you run the command, both the Stack Templates and Plugins you have created are available to use in the stk create app, stk create env and stk apply plugin commands.


If you have imported a Stack from a private or internal repository, you need to re-authenticate Git for all Plugins in your Stack.

You can configure Git to store your password with the command below and make it automatic:

git config --global credential.helper store

For more information, see the Git documentation.


Check the available options in the command:

STACK_URLTells you the URL of the Git repository of a Stack.

Local and Remote Stack

The STK CLI differentiates the Stacks imported by the stk import stack command associated with a URL, so when listing these Stacks they will be displayed as Stacks of type remote. While Stacks created by the command stk create stack will be displayed as Stacks of type local.

So the STK CLI automatically imports local Stacks into the default Stacks directory. In this case, any changes made to the Stack directory are automatically updated, without the need to use the stk update stack command.

To check which Stacks are of type local and remote, run the command below:

stk list stack

Check out the example with a Local Stack highlighted:

remote and local stack example


See an example below:

  1. Adds the published Plugins and Templates on the Stack for STK CLI use:
stk import stack [URL do git]

See an example below:

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