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Version: v4.5.0

stk upgrade


The stk upgrade command updates the STK CLI version when a new one is available.

How does it work?

When you execute the stk upgrade command in your terminal, it upgrades the STK CLI to the latest version. If there is a new version, the following message is displayed:

Your STK CLI version 4.0.0 is outdated. The new version 4.1.0 is available.
To upgrade run the command: 'stk upgrade'.


--forceForce STK CLI upgrade to a new major version.

A new major version brings big changes from the previous version. These changes may cause conflicts between versions making it impossible to downgrade to the previous one.

STK CLI displays an incompatibility warning when updating a major version available. It also provides the parameter --force, which you can update if you want.


See the examples below:

  1. Upgrade the STK CLI to the latest available version:
stk upgrade
  1. Upgrade STK CLI to a major available version:
stk upgrade --force

The result will be, for example, the upgrade from version 4.x.x to version 5.x.x.

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