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Version: v4.4.0

stk create app


The stk create app command lets you create an app to implement the functionality of an application. You can relate this application to an environment to use the shared resources defined in it, and also assign a remote git repository for the application.

The command uses several parameters. To learn more, run the command: stk create app --help.

How to create an application?

Run the command stk create app in your terminal. It works interactively and asks the parameters you need to create your application project, according to the parameters you have already set in the Stacks you have imported.


Plugins with dependencies (requirements) will not be displayed in the interactive create app command. You will need to execute the stk apply plugin command to apply them.

You can use the necessary parameters directly in the command, add:

  • The application's name;

  • The --template flag, with the Stack and Template name you want.
    See the example below:

    stk create app <APP-NAME> --template <STACK/TEMPLATE>.


Check available options in the command:

NAMEDefines the application's name. If the user doesn't name it, the repository name from the --remote parameter is set.
--templateDefines which template will be applied to create the application. The format is <catalogue>/<template> and the template must contain the app-template type.
--remote <git-url>Defines the remote Git repository URL you used as the project's source. If not entered, the remote repository won't be configured and you have to do the process manually.
--template-pathApplies a template that has not been published to a Stack yet. This parameter cannot be used with --template.
--stackfileDefines a stackfile to be used when creating the app. The format is: <stack-name>/<stack-name>. If <name-stackfile> is the only one to be entered, the default stackfile (default.yaml) of the Stack is the one to use. You can also enter the absolute path to the <name-stackfile>.yaml file.
--<input-name> <input-value>Defines the Plugin's values, Template or Stackfile inputs through the terminal. To enter a value for more than one input, separate each input with a space. Check out the following example with a Stackfile: stk create app <app-name> -S <stack-name>/<stackfile-name> --<input-name1> <input-value1> --<input-name2> <input-value2>. If the input is already filled in the Template, Plugin, or Stackfile file, only the value present in the file will be considered and the value informed via flag will be disregarded.

Deprecated Parameters


The parameters below have been deprecated and are no longer available to use.

--env-urlDefines the shared environment with resources used by the application. Git's project URL needs to be entered.
--branchDefines the branch that will be used when you clone the Git repository pointed to in the --env-url parameter.
--stagesDefines the configuration files of the application stages. The format of a stage is <name>:<account-aws>:<regiao>. You can define multiple stages separated by commas.

Command execution examples

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