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Version: v4.5.0


STK CLI commands can be divided into three categories:

  • Core Commands: Used by both creator and user;
  • Creator Commands: Used to create Stacks, that is, commands focused on the creation and availability of Templates, Plugins, Stacks, and Stackfiles;
  • User Commands: Used to use Stacks available for creating applications and environments;
  • Enterprise Commands: Used exclusively in the Enterprise version of StackSpot.

Core Commands

stk initUsed in the initialization and configuration of the STK CLI tool in your environment.
stk --help--help shows more information about the commands and their parameters.
stk --versionIt shows the current version installed.
stk upgradeUpdates the CLI version when a new one is available.

Creator Commands

stk create stackCreates a repository for the Stack of Templates and Plugins.
stk delete stackRemoves a Stack that was previously imported with the stk import stack command.
stk create templateCreates the structure of a Stack Template that contains the files needed to create a Template.
stk add templateAdds templates to the stacks already created by the stk create stack command.
stk delete templateRemove Templates within a Stack project.
stk create pluginAllows you to create new Plugins for StackSpot.
stk add pluginAdds Plugins to Stacks already created by the stk create stack command.
stk delete pluginRemove Plugins within a Stack project.
stk create stackfileCreates a base file from a Stackfile in the current directory.
stk create taskCreates a base file of a task in the current stack.

User Commands

stk import stackAdds a Stack to your project.
stk update stackUpdates all Stacks available in StackSpot or any other in your application.
stk list stackLists the available stacks from the installation or that have been added by the stk add stack command. Filters the Stacks by their name or by description with the --filter parameter.
stk list templateReturns a list of all the Templates available in the user's Stacks.
stk list pluginLists the Plugins available in the official StackSpot Stack, and those added by the user himself. Filters the Plugins by type, allowing the user to know which ones apply in an application Stack or in an environment Stack.
stk list taskReturns a list of all the tasks available in the user's stack.
stk apply pluginAdds new functionality to your environment and application design.
stk list stackfileLists the Stackfiles available by default in the Stacks installed on the STK CLI.
stk create appCreate an app to implement the functionality of an application. You can relate this app to an environment to make use of shared resources defined in it, and also assign a remote Git repository for the app.
stk runExecute the commands defined in the task used as argument.

Enterprise Commands

stk loginLogs into a StackSpot Enterprise account.
stk logoutRealiza o logout da conta do StackSpot Enterprise.

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