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Version: v4.4.0


The template.yaml file contains information and settings for the Template used in your project or application.

template.yaml file attributes

To create a Template, use the stk create template command. Now you have the basic structure of your Template, check out the example below:

name: yaml-template
description: Template's yaml file example
- app-template
- label: project name
type: text
name: project_name
default: project-name

Required Template Attributes


A string that defines the Template's name. This information defines the Templates's identifier that is used in your application.

name: my-template


A string that describes the Template's purpose. It should contain relevant information to the users when running the stk list template command.

description: Describe your Template explaining its purpose


Strings list that defines the Template's type. The available type is:

  • app-template: Indicates the Template can be used in stk create app command.
- app-template

Optional Template Attributes


Check the available input types in the Inputs from .yaml files page.

Next steps

See task.yaml file reference.

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