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If you want to use content on StackSpot, log in to your organization's account.

You can also create a Personal account with you GitHub

Check below an initial guide to start using content:

Step 1. Log in to your account

Step 2. Check if you are in a Workspace

If you want to deploy an Application, your organization should offer a configured Cloud Account.

Step 3. Access a Studio available for you

Step 4. Check if the Studio already has available Plugins

You can use and add them to your Stack.

Step 5. Check if there are Stacks and Starters. You can create your own Stack and add Plugins to it

Follow the steps:

6. You can create an Application with an App Plugin or a Shared Infrastructure with an Infra Plugin

Follow the guide:

7. Deploy your Application or Shared Infrastructure

Check the steps in the guides:

Next Steps

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