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Connection Interface

It's a contract with parameters/inputs, variables, or a list of attributes that a set of Cloud resources needs to have in order to be connectable, or compatible with each other. It structures how the StackSpot pieces will connect.

The Connection Interface is created by using an Infrastructure Plugin that implements a Connection Interface Type when generating Cloud pieces. In this way, it is possible for any Connection Interface contract compliant Application to use the same set of resources because they follow the same interface.

The Connection Interface as an instance is only generated after you apply a Plugin. Or when a Shared Infrastructure or an Application deploys.

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There is an ECS Cluster Fargate provisioning on AWS. The way you use it and how this resource is provisioned and configured is the Connection Interface. The name is ECS Cluster Fargate Conn.

Create Connection Interface in the Workspace

It is possible to create a Connection Interface in your Workspace. Follow the steps below:

Step 1. In your Workspace, on the side menu, click on 'Connection Interfaces';

Step 2. Click on the 'Created by user' tab;

Step 3. To create a new Connection Interface, click on the 'Create Connection Interface' button;

Step 4. On the 'Information' screen, fill in the 'Name' field and 'Select Connection Type'. Then click on the 'Next' button;

Step 5. Under 'Parameters', enter in kebab-case format the name of the Cluster you want to use;

You can also set the values by Environments. Just enable the 'Set values by environments' button.

Step 6. On the 'Review' screen, review the information and then click on the 'Finish' button.


You created a Connection Interface. To configure it, check the steps below:

Setting up a Connection Interface in the Workspace

Follow the steps below:

Step 1. On your Workspace, on the side menu, click on 'Connection Interfaces';

Step 2. Choose one of the available Connection Interfaces options in the list;

Step 3. Configure the two sections:

  • Parameters: They are keys. And the Connection Interface name values in each environment configured in the account.

  • Visibility: The visibility levels of the Workspace. Choose what users can see at Account, Application, or Workspace level. To change the visibility level, click on the box under 'Visibility' and select the level you want to configure.

See the Visibility rules:

  • Account: Everyone in the Account can view and use it.
  • Workspace: Only the users who belong to this Workspace can use the Connection Interface.
  • Application: Only these applications can use this Connection Interface.

Now, you have a Connection Interface ready to use.


At this point, the data displayed on the screen is not treated as sensitive.

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