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Welcome to StackSpot Documentation

StackSpot documentation includes resources from StackSpot Website and STK CLI.

You will find through our pages overviews, concepts, guides, and other information. This will help you get started on our product.

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About StackSpot.
Learn the main StackSpot's concepts.


This is where you can manage and configure the platform. You create your company's Account, as a CTO, Software Architect, or Tech Lead. After that, you can create/manage Workspaces and your organization's environments.

See the pages:

  • Setup: Follow the steps to setup your organization's account.
  • Customization: Follow the steps to customize your StackSpot's personal account.
  • About Workspace: See more details about the content management in your company's Workspace.
  • Roles and Permissions: Learn more about StackSpot's Roles in the Account. Learn how to configure the Permissions.

Create Content

This is where you can create content on StackSpot.

  1. Create Plugins, Stacks, Actions with the standards your organization Account's manager configured.

See more details:

See more:

Application & Infrastructure


In this section, you will learn how to use the available content on StackSpot. You can create and execute Applications.


You will find the resources to:

  • Configure Cloud provider;
  • Create and manage Shared Infrastructure;
  • Deploy your application.


  • Runtimes Engine: Allows you to deploy Applications and create infrastructure resources.

Check below how the StackSpot Portal is organized

Docusaurus themed imageDocusaurus themed image

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